Exhibitor Terms

Booking & Payment

Booking online requires 100% payment and refunds are not given unless the event is cancelled.


Booking fees cannot be transferred to another event in the case of no-show or changes of circumstance.

The stall location and equipment

Your stall location at the venue will be allocated on arrival and is at our discretion. A standard table size is approximately the size of a normal wallpapering table and the usual surface given to readers and stalls. AC power is normally available but cannot be guaranteed.

Stall-holders, readers and all other exhibitors should bring their own stall and table decor, including stands, signage, lighting and other furnishings. AC power extensions/leads will need to be supplied by you.

Your services

Your main product and/or service type should be including at the booking stage (asked during the booking process) and soliciting other services widely outside of this is not allowed at the event.

Taking payment

Most stalls and exhibitors take cash payments but you may offer card payments if you have the equipment and online access (which is not always available at each venue).

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