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 Hello and welcome to my Tarot workshop.

Firstly, let me tell you a little about myself. I was naturally psychic and my premonitions occasionally ended up in the tabloid press, which at school, gave me the nickname of Witchypoo. My mother introduced the tarot to me when I was a child. From there my curiosity to learn the mysteries behind this pack of cards became my passion. I designed my own pack in 1981. (The Encyclopeadia of Tarot. Stuart R. Kaplan. Volume III. Page 487) From there I started to read for friends and family and I became popular for it. Later, I was asked if I could read at corporate parties and Psychic fairs. Now, I’m a full time professional Tarot reader and owner of Stardust Psychic Fayre Promotions. How times change! From the hippy generation to computers and social media. Tarot courses, like everything else, are to be found at your fingertips. The web is full of information on the Tarot. Some of it is good and a lot of it is misleading. I obviously, consider myself a good, down to earth reader. I hope to inspire you and set you on a beneficial pathway of enlightenment. Lesley xxx

Saturday 10th December

  • Discovering the traditional meanings behind the Tarot and its relationship with Astrology, Mythology and other cultures.
  • Identifying the esoteric symbolism within the images.
  • Working with the four elements Air, Earth, Fire and Water.
  • Lay out spreads and discovering patterns .
  • Group interpretation of Tarot spreads.
  • Receiving readings.
  • Performing 1-2-1 readings.

Sunday 11th December

  • Practising meditation on emptiness.
  • Enhancing psychic abilities.
  • Connecting with spirit.
  • Predicting the future.
  • Developing self guidance.
  • Receiving readings.
  • Group discussion on Tarot Spreads.
  • Performing 1-2-1 readings.

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For further information on the workshop please call us on 07950 427180.

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