The Zodiac Tarot Spread Syllabus

Day One. Saturday – How to link and Interpret the Zodiac Spread with the Tarot.

  • Recap on the main points of the Tarot. Identifying the astrological symbols in the Tarot, and linking each sign of the zodiac to a card in the Major Arcana.
  • Group the Sun Signs with the Cardinals, fixed and Mutable Qualities, and relate them to the seasons.
  • Identify the four Elements to the Sun Signs, and the mythology in the ruling planets of the zodiac.
  • Identify the main personality traits associated with their Sun Sign.
  • Place a key meaning to each house in the zodiac spread, and combine and interpret the Tarot Cards to the key meanings of the houses.

Day Two. Sunday – Giving and receiving readings.

  • Engage and listen to opinions in group discussions.
  • Invent a character based on their Sun Sign.
  • Interpret a detailed picture of the querants life.
  • Predict the content of the spread.
  • Compare and Combine the two different methods of reading the zodiac spread.
  • Developing your Intuition and Psychic Abilities.