The Tarot Workshop 11th ~ 12th December 2021, Egham, Surrey

Introducing The Stardust Tarot Workshop – one of the  leading courses for Tarot and Clairvoyance in the U.K

Due to the success of our last workshop – The Stardust Tarot Workshop is back with another inspirational, motivating and rewarding course that will show you Tarot card reading is easy and how you can gain the skills to use it professionally and for your own personal well-being.Tarot Workshop

No previous experience is necessary. Students will learn the meaning behind the major and minor arcana cards. Experiment using different Tarot packs and spreads, and gain confidence in reading for other people as well as for themselves. Similarly, students will learn how to connect with spirit and how to incorporate this during a reading. Learn how to use meditation to clear and develop your psychic channel, to ground and gain focus and clarity.

This course offers a unique opportunity to use the Tarot for divination, and to enhance one’s personal development. It leads to a certificate in Tarot from Stardust. To find out more about the areas covered throughout the two days click on our Tarot Workshop Syllabus

Venue: Angel Crossing, Corby Drive, Egham, Surrey TW20  

Time: 10 o’clock am until 3 o’clock pm

Cost: £150 for two days.

Reservations: To book your place on the above course please buy your ticket below.

1 x Ticket for the Tarot Workshop
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For further information on the workshop please call us on 07950 427180.

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