Tarot Workshop Syllabus

Our Tarot workshop will be covering the following areas over the course of the two days…

Day One. Saturday – The History and Structure of the Tarot Cards. This will cover:

  • Discovering the traditional meanings behind the Tarot and its relationship with Astrology, Numerology, Folklore, Egyptology and Religion.
  • How to explore the esoteric symbolism within the images.
  • How to interpret the individual cards and link the cards together.
  • Lay out spreads and create patterns using the four elements.
  • Group interpretation of Tarot spreads.
  • How to perform 1-2-1 readings.

Day Two. Sunday –  Channeling information through reading the Tarot. This will cover:

  • Practising meditation on emptiness.
  • Enhancing psychic abilities.
  • Connecting with spirit.
  • Predicting the future.
  • Developing self guidance.


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For further information on the workshop please call us on 07950 427180.