The Advanced “Virtual” Tarot Workshop – Every Tuesday Evening 8-10pm.

Introducing The new Online Stardust Tarot Workshop – one of the  leading courses for Tarot and Clairvoyance in the U.K

Tarot Workshop

Due to the current situation we find ourselves in, Stardust has launched a new, virtual, Advanced Tarot Workshop. This Course is aimed at students on our previous beginner courses and is also open to new budding Tarot-card-reading enthusiasts who are developing their psychic and spiritual paths. The course is running each Tuesday evening from 8pm GMT between 23rd June and 28th JULY 2020.

You are invited to join our dedicated group of like-minded individuals, via a video-call meeting, where we interact, continue to learn the skills of reading the cards and develop the ability to give readings – delivered by tutor Lesley Christine.  

What are the advantages to the virtual course?:

1. The course is delivered virtually so you can learn from the comfort of your own home. You may join any of the sessions at any time throughout the course as the content is designed to be adaptable for those joining a session for the first time.

2. Individuals can learn at their own pace outside of the virtual calls. There are a variety of options to take from each session – encouragement to research a tarot ‘spread’ before or after the sessions offers the chance for tutees to analyse the dynamic of the cards layout.

3. Individuals can prepare questions and issues of interest to the course tutor in advance of the live sessions.

Course Content:

 The History and Structure of the Tarot Cards. This will cover:

  • Discovering the traditional meanings behind the Tarot and its relationship with Astrology, Numerology, Folklore, Egyptology and Religion.
  • How to explore the esoteric symbolism within the images.
  • How to interpret the individual cards and link the cards together.
  • Lay out spreads and create patterns using the four elements.
  • Group interpretation of Tarot spreads.
  • How to perform 1-2-1 readings.

 Channeling information through reading the Tarot. This will cover:

  • Practicing meditation on emptiness.
  • Enhancing psychic abilities.
  • Connecting with spirit.
  • Predicting the future.
  • Developing self guidance.

We have flexible pricing as follows:  

    • 6 x live sessions is £150 (made as an advance payment)

    • 1 x session / Pay as you go is £30 per session.

Book now and Register!:

To book your place on the above course please buy your ticket below:

6 x session bundle:
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1 x session – (please call 07950 427180)  
**After your payment has been made you will be sent joining instructions on how to join the sessions.**

For further information call 07950 427180.


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